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C. M. Okonkwo is a Nigerian author who grew up in Lagos and moved to France to study, where she obtained a B.Sc. in Business Administration and Management, an M.Sc. in Personnel and Employment Management, and an advanced M.Sc. in International HR Management and Development. A lover of travel and tourism, her writing ideas and style are inspired by experiences gained in different countries she has lived in and visited.

Her best genres are action-packed mystery, suspense, thriller and detective. She writes in various genres ranging from thriller, to erotica, to literary/realistic fiction, to romance, to mystery, to a general "suspense" genre. Her writing goal being diversity, she is still exploring other genres, including fantasy, horror, and sci-fi.

Her short story titled "Invisible Daddy" won the Africa Book Club Short Story Competition in July 2014, her novel "Twenty-One Days" is listed as #3 of the 50 Best Indie Books of 2015 at the Indie Author Land, while her novel "Mama, It's Me!" is listed as #3 of the 50 Best Indie Books of 2018 also at the Indie Author Land, and her novella "All That Glitters" was a Top 5 finalist in the 2018 Quramo Writers' Prize. In 2019, her entry titled "Don't Close Your Eyes" won the Wattpad October Short Story Contest, which she has developed into a 24-part short story titled "Keep Or Kill." In 2020, her short story titled "She" won third place in the Wattpad November 2019 Short Story Contest.

CMO is an active member of the International Thriller Writers and the Association of Nigerian Authors (Lagos chapter). She is also the founder of Laybels UCL, a company that promotes literature, and the founder of Crime, Mystery and Suspense Writers' Club (Nigeria).



In this program, you will learn the basic elements and process of writing, and apply them to your current or future writing projects.


You will also be able to start and finish your book within a given deadline.

The program runs for four (one hour) sessions.


COST: NGN 60,000


In this program, you will learn the different types of publishing, and the steps to take before picking what option works best for you.


You will learn the different formats of publishing and the various publishing platforms.

The program runs for two (one hour) sessions.


COST: NGN 30,000


In this program, you will learn the two main types of marketing, and also get samples of the contents for each type.


You will also receive marketing advice specific to your needs and budget.

The program runs for two (one hour) sessions.


COST: NGN 30,000


This program combines the writing, publishing and marketing options in one go.

The program runs for eight (one hour) sessions.


COST: NGN 100,000


This program offers two combos either the writing and publishing options combined or the writing and marketing options combined.

The program runs for six (one hour) sessions.


COST: NGN 80,000


This program combines the publishing and the marketing options.

The program runs for four (one hour) sessions.


COST: NGN 50,000

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